Izzudin Faudzi
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Izzudin Faudzi
"Sejak akhir2 ni banyak ditimbulkn isu tudung labuh/jilbab. Ada jgk org yg kata,cuma org yg brtudung labuh aje yg tutup aurat dgn sempurna. Sebagai seorang wanita dan beragama islam,aku menghormati pendapat kalian. Cumanya pesan aku pada org2 yg berpendapat mcm tu, 'labuhkan jugak tudung di hati tu..' (^_^)"

Translation :
"Lately, there has been an issue of wearing lengthy jilbab. People may say that only women with lengthy jilbab are able to cover their 'awrah' perfectly. Surely, as a Muslim women, i respect that, but in addition, make ur jilbab lengthy at your heart too".

I quote this from my best friend's post. This statement means,the women should be covering their heart from doing any sins or negative deeds. In addition, as the lengthy jilbab covers 'awrah' better, so the heart of that women should try to protect herself from committing sins in a greater manner.

Consequently, this message should be applied the same way by the men. They should cover 'awrah', whether by wearing a basic or lengthy form of clothes, and try their best in covering themselves from committing sins.

As a reminder, we should not mistakenly understood in this issue. Lengthy jilbab/clothes or not are not what matters, but we should try our best to make a lengthy protection by giving best efforts in avoiding ourselves from committing sins.

Wallahu a'alam..
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Izzudin Faudzi
What should we do during the chaos in Middle East countries today?? though it may leads towards the end of regime types of leadership, but our friends there are in danger, many Muslim are dead along the scenes..please raise ur hand, pray for the best, ya Allah, I'm praying for no more sacrifice of Muslim's lives..i can't stand it anymore.. =(

In Egypt, it seems the police stations, the prison and locked-up are no longer functioning as they were hijacked, the soldiers take over the situation. In the mean time, sadly, our friends are said to be raped, robbed and many other bad situation.

I'm hoping that all friends that studied in Egypt will be safe. I'm really worried about them. Hopefully all the actions will be taken A.S.A.P.

Amin Ya Rabb !!

Izzudin Faudzi
far from mommy,
live without clear destiny,
but i'm verily happy,
cause of beloved grandmom is with me..

Maahad Ahmadi..
My childish turned to finding identity ,
My vision was not only Qur'anology,
but also tonnes of sport activity,
and first experience of coupling recklessly..

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Izzudin Faudzi
slm..as in my LE 4500 class last week, we were asked to write our own journal and the very first topic is about own self. So, here is the write-up that i did. It looks a bit weird than my identity that want to remain humble, but this is the reality in presenting yourself especially in interview.
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